2 June 2012

Autumn colours in Australia

Officially we are in winter, 1st June for us means winter chills, only this year its not really chilly - yet.  At least not here, north of Sydney, NSW.  For us it has been a very wet and mild start to the season.  I hosted an Autum Moon Party back at the start of May hoping for the garden to be all orange and yellow, but alas it was not to be.  Now three weeks later it is showing its true glory.

We are limited to what we can grow in this temperate climate that will reliably colour up; Chinese pistachios work well, Liquidambers also, Crepe Myrtles turn a lovely yellow, fruiting quinces too.  I have one beech which turns a gorgeous golden yellow and one Gingko which has been in the ground 23 years and isn't much higher than my knee.

Added to the yellow, orange and red is the purple of various tibouchinas,  purple and gold works well.

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