23 July 2006

The Archontophoenix cunninghamiana (Bangalow Palms)
have colonised a clearing which appeared a year or two ago when one of the older trees fell over.

I don't like these planted into gardens. They really need to be surrounded by rain forest to look good to me. Posted by Picasa
The fallen logs look fantastic covered in green. Posted by Picasa
Finally, some rain. 36 mls - enough to fill 2 of our three interconnected dams. Just a little bit more needed. The weeds of course spring to life first, but everything else is coming along nicely. I've spent a happy day pottering in the garden, digging in bag after bag of cow manure. (18) and then moving perennials into the newly enriched soil.

The imagination can always see how it will look, given more rain and plenty of sunshine.

We also had a walk in the rainforest. This moss looked rich and green all over the forest floor. The bracken fern, which used to carpet large areas has died right back (that pesky drought again) but it will soon come back as the days warm up. Posted by Picasa

22 July 2006

Banksia ericifolia

Stunning. Nothing else to say.

Except that we've had a bit of rain recently and now have 2 out of 3 dams full. Our little red boat, which you can see in the background, is riding high again.
Frank Posted by Picasa


Just one of the spots of colour we have in our garden at the moment. Posted by Picasa

Winter sun

The winter sun was at just the right angle to bring these flowers on the miscanthus to a radiant white.
Frank Posted by Picasa

16 July 2006

I found this little creature crawling across the floor. It had dropped off me after I had been out in the bush. We've had a little bit of rain so the leeches have woken up and are hungry!
Frank Posted by Picasa
Here is a 360 degree panorama of the vista, lake and pavilion. It's a little small, but I hope this gives you an idea. Posted by Picasa