26 January 2006

Eastern dwarf tree frog

Gardening attracts all sorts of visitors! This very dainty little frog jumped on me as I was cutting back roses today - then jumped from me onto my husband's face. We have many, many tadpoles and lots of these little frogs all over the garden. They particularly like agapanthus leaves as vantage points for their insect hunting. Posted by Picasa
Click to hear frog

21 January 2006

This is not a clear photo and I apologise for that. It is interesting because it shows four different little birds, a Superb Fairy Wren, a Firebrowed Finch, a Grey Fantail and an Eastern Spinebill. It was 45.9 degrees outside and the little birds continued to come to this bird bath all day long and I refilled it many times. The little Grey Fantail stayed there all day with his beak open; he was obviously very uncomfortable outside in the heat. At one time he was joined by another female and three little youngsters, presumably his family, but they only stayed long enough to bathe and then flew off. Posted by Picasa

7 January 2006


This handsome specimen of Egernia modesta was seen in an old wood pile near our home today at 3:30pm. It didn't seem at all bothered by our presence until I got too close with the camera. Posted by Picasa

4 January 2006

Stapleia flower

We've just endured the hottest three days in my history of this garden, (top 45.9 degrees), following three very dry months. Many mature trees are looking very sad and many shrubs look like they may not survive, but this flower took me by surprise this morning. It's flowering in an area that we call The Magic Mountain of the Four Beauties. Posted by Picasa