18 June 2006

Rabbit home

A little rabbit, which was bought in Singapore about a year ago, has finally found its home on the Magic Mountain. Posted by Picasa

10 June 2006

Camellia sasanqua "Paradise Pearl"

Camellias are tough. These have survived the drought and are now flowering proliferously. These are now 7 years old and this is the best flowering we've seen.

They're planted as a hedge around a perfumed rose garden and are coming into flower just as the roses are going to sleep for the winter. Posted by Picasa

Chinese Pistachio

The Pistacia chinensis has beautiful red berries as you can see. The colour is looking particularly strong today as there is a misty rain that dulls our usually strong sunshine.

Unfortunately we don't get nuts from this particular cultivar.

And yes, you did read correctly. It is raining!
We haven't had enough to fiull the dams, but our water tanks are full. Posted by Picasa

Firewheel tree

The firewheel tree is still flowering!

This particular bloom is on a twig sprouting straight from the trunk. To give you a bit of an idea of size, the flower is as big as a small closed fist and dripping with nectar, so I'm sure it feeds the little pygmy possums we have living with us. Posted by Picasa