26 December 2011

After the rain....

Finally the rain has taken a break and we can begin to do all the garden jobs which have been put on hold. Everything has grown so much; I guess that happens when you have sunshine and rain each day for weeks on end. The garden is now 21 years old in places, and the trees and shrubs are beginning to mature and fill up all the gaps.

This morning we worked on just a tiny part of the garden, the secret rose garden. I weeded the paths and dead-headed the roses which are pitiful this year because of black spot due to the rain. Tomorrow's job will be distributing bags of manure and then we can look forward to a wonderful display in autumn. The yellow in the background through the circular doorway is Cassia Spectable, an absolute beauty.

Meanwhile the Sleeve Dancers have been put into place along with some lovely comfy seats for us to rest and admire the garden.

The sleeve dancers look wonderful; I am so pleased with them.