31 December 2005

Ruby asks for tummy tickles

Allow me to introduce Ruby, our harlequin great dane. She loves cuddles and really isn't supposed to be on the furniture! Posted by Picasa
Olive tree python. A rather lovely smallish snake with almost irridescent colouring on its back. It was in the fernery, just passing through the neighbourhood.Click for more information
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Diamond python

We tried to go outside just recently only to see a snake tail hanging in front of the door way. By the time we grabbed the camera it had moved up even further, to check out the abandoned swallow nest. It was amazing to see the speed and ease with which it went up that wall, without a toe hole so to speak.

The birds were long gone and so our snake didn't hang around for long either. Posted by Picasa
The Sofia dahlia is blooming in the drought alongside the penstemons and agapanthus . Posted by Picasa

23 December 2005

Here's a blue-tongue lizard which has moved into our garden. This photo was taken yesterday through the bedroom window. The reflection of light on the window meant I could see it but it couldn't see me. Otherwise it would have been gone by the time I got the camera. Posted by Picasa

First Posting

The hammock is a nice idea but there's better things to do!