11 February 2007

Tiny Little Flowers

All of these tiny flowers are less than the size of a 5 cent piece but each one is exquisitely detailed and beautiful.

Most were photographed while out bushwalking this morning and then in a friend's garden on the way back from my walk. They are not all native Australian plants, some are plain, common weeds. The yellow flower on the far right is a native but I haven't found its name yet. It shouldn't be too hard to find with those vicious spines and rather pointed sharp little leaves. This is one bush that doesn't want to be messed with.

Not only did I see tiny flowers but also tiny beetles, flies, moths and a few huge spiders (but they did have tiny mates in the web with them).

Again I don't know the name of this pastel pretty yet. It grows on a sparse little vine, hugging the ground.

The bright yellow poppy looks quite a size but looks can deceive. The flower is very small, again thumbnail size. It was growing in an old almost silted up dam along with some other very interesting plants. Quite difficult to photograph if you wanted to keep your feet nice and dry.

Very pretty I thought.

Next up is the flower spike of the common old Liriope but it looks rather special given this detailed attention all to itself.

It reminds me of flowers I laboriously made out of icing years ago, all sugary sweet.

Here is a common old clover flower, but how beautiful and intricate it is.

This one looks like it could grace any garden and be treated as a little treasure. Unfortunately it belongs to a weedy annual which is not welcome in most gardens. However I have space for the weeds as well.

They are often the most favoured of our wild creatures. The best year for butterflies and moths we ever had was when we returned from 4 years overseas to a very overgrown garden. Weeds abounded.

Once we tidied it up we lost the insects so now we have deliberate wild areas and don't worry too much about neatness and perfection.

And last, two favourites, little pink pretties.


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