9 February 2007

Robber Fly

I thought I better do a little housekeeping and name a few things on this site. I posted a photo long ago of a fly, and didn't know what is was. Here it is again.

This time I know it is a Robber Fly, family Asilidae. One site told me there are 7,100 members of this family!! That being the case I will be happy for the present just to know it is a Robber Fly.

I have been doing lots of research on flies and bugs lately, and all on the internet. This information is only available because of the generosity of other people. They post photos and all sorts of things for people like me to learn stuff.

And I thank them.

In my initial post I said I was amazed at how quickly this fly sped away once it had made up its mind to do so. It just took off straight up like a helicopter and was gone. Apparently one of the characteristics of this fly is their speed of flight. Also their sturdy appearance. I guess you have to be tough and strong if you are going to eat other insects.

One site I found where all the members are keen on Diptera (flies to the rest of us) is

Another interesting bug site, again just people helping out other people is
Link.I like this one because of all the photographs. Really beautiful, except in the section labelled "Carnage" where people have killed the bug before finding out what it was.

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