15 October 2006

Willie Wagtail

We spotted this nest in a fairly open, very conspicuous location not far off the ground. Our great dane could jump up and take the eggs if she actually knew it was there, but fortunately she hasn't noticed. We walked past and the parents flew at our heads in an attempt to drive us away. Their behaviour told us there was a nest nearby and once we really looked we soon found it. Now that there are three little eggs inside we avoid the area.

These are brave, feisty little birds. I love to see them around the garden. They twitter away quite nicely most of the time and catch insects very cunningly on the wing. Now though they are intent on keeping us well away from their nest. I hear them calling of an evening "Sweet Pretty Creature, Sweet Pretty Creature" with an up inflection on the end of the drawn out Creature. Very distinctive call it is too.

Info on Willie Wagtails here
<Click to listen to the song of the Willie Wagtail

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