15 October 2006

Dendrobium tetragonum

We are lucky enough to have a small creek running through our property. It winds backwards and forwards somewhat snake like; which causes small pockets of bush between steep creek banks. This orchid, Dendrobium tetragonum was growing attached quite high up on the trunk of a tree on one such peninsula. All these areas have special names, some rather ordinary like, The Peninsula, but also a lovely area called 'Mirror Water City', this last named by our daughters many years ago. They had a cubby built there from Palm fronds and spent many happy hours playing with their cousins, but that's another story. I was talking about the orchid.

We were so excited to see it because we walk around the place regularly and hadn't noticed it before. And we were fortunate enough to visit when it was in flower. The next day the flowers looked much the worse for wear so we were extremely lucky.

I tried to find it in books and by looking up Australian orchid web sites without much luck, so I emailed an orchid enthusiast and he was able to tell me the next day exactly what it was. It turns out it's very common. Pooh! I didn't want to hear that. I wanted to have discovered a new orchid which I could call the Christinii orchid. Posted by Picasa

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