1 October 2006

Oenochroma vinaria

Pink Bellied Moth.

We had a very warm day last week and that evening we were absolutely inundated by moths. We tried to have the windows open to collect the cool breeze but were forced to close them due to the presence of hundreds of insects trying to come in to the light. The glass of every window was covered, and I mean literally covered, with moths of all sizes - simply hundreds of them so it was a gorging night for all the insect eaters I guess.

This pretty pale pink moth caught my attention because of its soft pastel shade of pink. One photo was taken looking out the window and the other outside looking in.

I tried to find a name on the internet but really the information is so vast I found it impossible. I probably should have tried typing in pink moth but instead I asked an expert for his opinion. He kindly gave me the name.
To find out more about this moth click here Posted by Picasa

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