1 October 2006

Leptospermum 'Outrageous'

I am so impressed with this plant! I now have three in various areas of the garden and I am going to plant many more. The first one went in 2 years ago and grew very slowly. The area of the garden where I put it is very tough on plants; hard dry clay with competition from large spotted gums, but it grew and flowered last year. I remember being so disappointed with the flowers! I can't imagine why. What one earth was I thinking?

Anyway I planted more because it was at least flowering and all of them this year are breathtakingly gorgeous with these beatiful flowers smothering the branches. They grow about 2m x 1.5m so I can hardly wait for the display I will have in the future. They certainly have the Wow! factor if that is what you are after. They are also incredibly tough. One I have in full sun, one in semi shade and one even shadier than that. All have performed well without any extra water at all. Posted by Picasa

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