8 October 2006

Australian Native Birds

One of the things I am most proud of with my lovely garden, developed over 15 years from a boggy weed infested paddock, is the habitat my husband and I have created for native birds. When we first arrived here we had Indian Mynahs, a terrible pest bird in Australia, and not much else. As we planted more and more native plants they moved out and the natives moved in. At first they visited only while plants were in flower and then left but now I am pleased to say we have many, many Superb Fairy Wrens living here all year round and raising their families. We have a large flock of Firebrowed Finches all year round as well and the beautiful little Eastern Spinebills and many others that visit for a time and then move on.

To see photos and learn a little about each of these birds then follow this link.
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To listen to the song of a Superb Fairy Wren try here.
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Did you know that the early settlers from England said thatAustralian birds were dull and had no songs?

We have what I would call a messy garden, areas are left weedy, grassy and overgrown. This is habitat for the birds and it really pays off. The Satin Bower birds can be a bit of a pest eating my fruit and vegetables but they are beautiful and interesting to observe.

Try here for more bird songs
or here
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