13 August 2006

This is a dear little Salvia. I think one of the Salvia Greggii but I am not absolutely sure. It appeared on the edge of my garden one day about ten years ago; a poor straggling little thing it was. I took pity on it because I liked the colour and it has rewarded me ever since by slowly multiplying. It sailed through the drought and now has two beautiful patches of colour about 2 metres square. It seems to flower all year round and when the plants get a little straggly or when I want to grow some more I simply cut off old flower heads and sprinkle them in the new spot. Up they come and flower very quickly. How simple is that!! They are easy to keep in check and don't spread where I don't want them too. I never have to water them and look at just how beautiful they are. Posted by Picasa

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