4 August 2006

Half way through winter and this is what you see. Double pink peaches flowering away - makes for a happy me, (pink being my favourite colour), and very happy bees also.
As the pink blossoms are finishing the white double peaches start, and then the pear trees. It will be interesting to see if everything blossoms madly in an effort to reproduce. Certainly the autumn colour was much more intense with the dry weather. Maybe the blossom trees will be trying extra hard too?

Spring is so brief here. Technically it is not yet spring of course, but when it officially starts the weather suddenly warms up, everything comes out and then finishes, almost before you have time to enjoy it.

When we lived in Canada I was able to watch each new blossom appear in a long succession, whereas here it happens almost overnight and then just as quickly they're gone until next year.

Still there are some lovely flowering trees to look forward too. Posted by Picasa

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