4 February 2007

Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Worcester Gold'

I don't have as many flowers as I would like for the time of year, but I do have a few. This is a new plant of mine, bought from East Coast Perennials, New South Wales, a mail order nursery. I buy lots of plants mail order because the nurseries nearby have boring stuff and I like to hunt up more unusual plants.

I had a very harsh area of the garden which I wanted to plant with yellow and orange coloured plants to match a structure which I had built to house a lovely old cart. The Carriage House we call it. And the garden hugging its edges is by necessity "The Carriage House Garden".

I ordered this particular plant because I was promised yellow foliage when it first comes back to life after its rest in winter, however I neglected to read the rest of the catalogue entry apparently -which said mauve flowers! Definitely the wrong colour for that area.

It won't be a problem though because this plant self sows and I am sure I can move the seedlings to a more suitable place early next spring. Meanwhile it is certainly deserving of a place in the garden.
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