26 January 2007

Eucalyptus ficifolia x ptychocarpa "Summer beauty"

I think these are one of the most beautiful small trees to come out of the fairly recent hybridising that's been going on in the Eucalyptus/Corymbia families. There is also a soft pink, a bright orange and a white now available in the these lovely small trees.

I love the way the bud cap folds back, like a little trapdoor, to tantalisingly display the flower waiting to emerge from inside.

Only one of my three trees has produced flowers this year,
and it has only managed one truss instead of the usual magnificent coverage of the whole tree

The flowers last for quite a long while too. I haven't tried picking them for the house because I hate the idea of taking anything from the outside display when the tree looks so lovely.

Also I know there are lots of little creatures that rely on the nectar, produced in abundance, for part of their evening meal. Animals like the Sugar Gliders and Feathertail Gliders.

If they weren't so expensive I could plant lots and lots more, then I wouldn't mind having to pick the odd bunch.

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  1. I purchased and planted the bright orange cultivar of 'Summer Beauty' six months ago at my coastal garden on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. It has grown vigorously and flowered prolifically this summer and is well worth the extra expense. Makes all my other E. ficifolia look quite ordinary in comparison. Highly recommended.