17 December 2006

The Vanishing Tractor

This is a sad tale - "The Mystery of the Vanishing Tractor Mower".

The lawn needed mowing so Frank went to the shed where we house our sturdy brand new Cox. It's a bit rough and ready but it does the job - the shed I mean.

Disturbingly the shed was bare - no tractor in sight.

At first our thoughts turned to having left it out on the road verge or up the paddock the last time we had it out. A few years ago we wouldn't even have thought such a thing, but with the advancing years sometimes you do have spells of forgetfulness. You wouldn't think you could forget to put a mower away but it has been done in the past.

This time though we retraced steps, thought long and hard, considered the possibility the mower had been stolen - and eventually Frank said "When nothing seems possible then consider the impossible". He decided that the mower had to be at the bottom of the dam.

"How on earth could a heavy mower disappear to the middle of the dam?" I argued. "There is only the slightest of slopes and spongy grass so it couldn't roll that far. Besides Frank don't you always put on the handbrake?"

Well you can probably guess that the handbrake wasn't on and we had a very wild storm which did loads of damage to property and trees one evening. Iit must have been that night the wind roared through our ramshackle shed and had taken the mower for swim.

Over $1,000 and some weeks later we have our mower back.

The photos prove it really happened. Posted by Picasa

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