3 December 2006


These beautiful birds are regular visitors to our garden along with King Parrots, Eastern Rosellas, Crimson Rosellas and occasionally Rainbow Lorikeets.

We don't put out food on a regular basis because we don't want to encourage them away from natural food sources. When we do put seed in the feeder it amazes me how quickly they all converge on our garden and then begin quarrelling over who is going to eat first. The King Parrots generally take precedence but the galahs were here first today.

It is very difficult to take photos of birds. If you've tried you would know. I have many blurry attempts so I am particularly pleased with this shot.

The only thing more difficult are butterflies. We have many butterfly visitors to the garden but I can't capture them with my camera. Moths are a little easier because they seek the light at night and land on the windows.
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