16 November 2006


I had an area of garden (well, many actually), where the soil is so poor that even with me feeding it up and pampering it nothing would grow. In despair I turned to succulents and bought a plant from a church fete labelled 'Hens and Chickens'. I divided this one little pot up and spread it in a section where it languished for a time, but with a little rain it has gone crazy and is spreading very well.

When you look on the internet these plants are supposed to like a dry spot and will survive drought. I think what also needs to be said is that whilst they will survive a drought they don't really enjoy it, and when the rain comes they grow very quickly, fill in an area and look very lovely whilst doing it. Now that I know what this plant can do I will plant more of it around, pamper it and have much quicker results I'm sure. I can't wait to see what its flowers might be like. Maybe they will help me identify exactly which variety of Sempervivum it actually is. Posted by Picasa

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