2 November 2006


Isn't this the most gorgeous colour?! Enormous flowers a handspan wide and simply glowing with an unbelievable iridescent pink. I bought this beauty from Matcham Rare Plants three years ago. The first year I had one flower bud which I watched grow daily. After a few weeks things really looked they were about to happen - and I went away for a few days holiday. Of course the only bloom came and went while I was away. I was so disappointed but in true gardener fashion figured that "next year" I would be home. Last year the buds formed for a few weeks but they fell off with lack of water, so I missed out again. This year I have had seven buds and very high hopes indeed.

Again I watched and watched thinking of the glory to come, and away I went again - at just the right or wrong time. I really couldn't believe it. At least I was home for the first days as the bud slowly opened - as on the right - then home again to see the last day before the flowers ended again for another year. Must make a date in my diary. No going away in late October any more.

Last year I went on a garden trip to the South Coast and visited people who were growing many different colours of this beauty so I bought a cutting of a gorgeous yellow one and a pretty paler pink. So next year once again I am hopeful. Posted by Picasa

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