1 October 2006

Rosa Altissimo

What a lovely thing this is! Blooming extremely well at the moment but does suffer from blackspot in our humid climate. Still it usually manages to have at least one bloom all spring and summer.

I have roughly 70 roses in my garden, (I did a quick count), but there probably are some I've forgotten and all have to be caged to keep the hungry kangaroos away.

All also have to be sprayed for blackspot. For the last ten years I've refused to spray - but last year and this I've succumbed to the bicarbonate soda and fish emulsion recommended by rose experts as being friendly to both me and the other bugs which live in and around my roses.

Last year we had little rain, but heavy dews every night, which really decimated the rose leaves - so reluctantly I spray. It took me about 3 hours this morning - something I have to repeat in ten days time. Urgh! Posted by Picasa

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