7 September 2006

Lorraine Lee - Alister Clark Australian bred rose

I love roses, but to grow them successfully I have to continually outwit wallabies, kangaroos and possums. I have had to resort to fences, so my garden sees my rose bushes imprisoned in a variety of gaol-like beds. If I don't lock them away the Eastern Grey kangaroos would feast each night on their new shoots until the roses give up and die.

Rosa Lorraine Lee is a beauty. Tough and prickly she is a climber who reaches up and away from the roos only to place herself just where the possums can have a nightly picnic, safe from predators.

This gorgeous colour contrasts brilliantly with my house. It used to be painted a safe pale green but now is a vivid bright blue. Strictly speaking only 3/4 of it has changed colour - I'm still working on the rest.

The blue absolutely makes my heart zing. Posted by Picasa

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