15 September 2006

Acer negundo 'Violaceum'

I've grown a couple of Acer Negundos, commonly known as box elders, over the years because I found when choosing trees they had all the desirable characteristics I was looking for. First and foremost they had to be tough. Box Elders are almost unkillable; and the second was that they could tolerate having 'wet feet'. There are many trees regarded as very tough, but few like having their roots in cold wet soil, which is what happens here every winter (except the last two when there was no rain at all)!
Sadly Box Elders self sew and are generally regarded now as a weed with potential devastating consequences if allowed to spread willy nilly.
In the place of the baddies I have planted this beauty. Still a Box Elder but with beautiful violet flowers which are sterile. The plant went in last year and has grown quite well without any extra water, and is now putting on quite a respectable show of flowers. Posted by Picasa

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